Walk-In Tubs Las Vegas

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Featuring the deep walk in tub from Bliss Tubs

a truly luxurious bathing experience standard size walk in tubs are excellent

for most people they provide a safer bathing experience and renewed

independence and the tub’s hydrotherapy provides a wide range of healing

benefits; however, some of our customers want full emersion to the upper chest

for you we have the Bliss Deep Tub with a water depth 8 inches greater than

our most popular, regular size model. And the tub has a seat width of about 21

inches at the base; the seat height of seventeen inches complies with ADA

standards and the well area of the tub is spacious.

Walk-In Tubs Boulder City NV | 702-500-1706

The Bliss Deep Walk In Tub comes equipped with 10 water jets and 16 air jets, and our jets are not champagne bubbly they are truly powerful state of the art jets

specially designed to recreate a luxury spa experience. The seatback has

six water jets in a V configuration to provide optimal coverage for the back

and neck. And all 10 of the water jets are individually adjustable. By turning

down one or more jets in one area, you can get more power out of the others.

Both water and air jet action is concentrated in the area behind the calves; this stimulates the thighs, calves and backs of the knees.

The two water jets down in front provide a reflexology benefit for feet bottoms;

and these jets are all activated at the touch of a button, with the roomy

interior, full body immersion and healing hydrotherapy,

the Deep Tub provides an immensely luxurious experience.

Furthermore, Bliss tubs utilizes components from leading North American

equipment suppliers. This name brand equipment combined with our leek proof design, warranty and stellar customer reputation give you peace of mind.

Now it’s your opportunity to experience Bliss.

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