Proof That Navy Seals “Blackwater” did Boston Marathon Bombing False Flag Martial Law

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These 2 gov’t Suspects were seen 20 feet in front of the 1st explotion right before it happened All of OBAMA’s Executive Orders …


guilda kriletich says:

I feel so sorry for the guys they set up Its seems more and more they are
blaming kids. 21 and under for hideous attacks that is obvious bullshit.
They are framed and set up. Poor buggars. This guy lost his brother and
now is looking at the death penalty or the rest of his life in jail. Before
the bomb went off it came over the loud speaker ‘ Everyone dont panic and
remain calm’ then boom, the bomb went off after the announcement. That
means they knew before hand to be able to make that statement. There is
nothing else they could have been referring to.

Michael James says:

Baby Seals had NOTHING to do with this. These asshats are private deity,
mercenaries, Blackwater for sure. They lie to kill anyone who could reveal
the TRUTH for their master is the father of lies, satan. Remember Jack
Ruby…yeah, look anyone who knows the truth. Kill Oswald beefier he tells
the truth, then kook his killer. Navy Seals are honest and unlike asshat
politicians have integrity. They looked the seals who “got” osbl cos they
knew it WASN’T HIM.
Wake UP, b4 it’s 2 L8…

mikhail rasputin says:

you are very close to the truth. look into mk ultra and project talent.

nysfinest10385 says:

You’re a fucking idiot pal. God damn, I wish I could hit you with a
baseball bat. Don’t ever say Navy SEAL again you cock monger. Also, its not
Blackwater anymore you stupid stupid asshole. 

Derrick Wright says:

Hey dummy!! Look at your photo again where your proving he still has a back
pack. Now look at the two girls in the foreground. Notice anything about
their elbows and his. Yeah, their parallel. Motion photos can do that and
if you notice everyones elbow area looks the same.
However, i like your white square photo, it actually proves to me that he
is the guy. I mean a small white square to distinguish it from the other
black packs is too obvious when you thi k about it. There is obvious photos
of atleast 5 other guys with identical wardrome and his bp is only one with
square, and bomb. Now look for the other square (maybe different color but
same place) and theres guy numeral Dos.

Bizud says:

Sorry bro, I can’t tell if he has his backpack or not. I don’t believe
Jahar is guilty but this won’t convince many people.

chris perillo says:

So were did SEALs or black water come in? And he was not wearing a
backpack!! That was his elbow, look closely and you can see

bovgoeswoowoo says:

You got it correct for the most part but the title should most certainly
contain the word CRAFT as the main culprits. Blackwater was Xe which then
changed their name to Acedemi which I believe is head by Eric Prince, a
real shithead who is also a member of the knights of malta I believe,
another organization of nothing but shitheads.

And one other correction, there were no deaths in the boston bombing, all
those people you saw with supposed injuries were “crisis actors”. That one
guy with his legs supposedly blown off, he is a former US armed forces
douchebag, army or marines whom lost his legs over in Iraq or Afghanistan.
All that supposed blood, it’s fake blood. There were no casualties or
injuries except for maybe a few sore eardrums after those small explosives
were set off by CRAFT black ops dipshits. Good to see you are pretty much
on the right track though and using your brain, unlike the majority of
stupid Amerikans who are sell outs or just don’t want to wake up to reality
because it would upset their cushy bubble of lies.

imanor343 says:

You realize that SEALs and black water are two different things?

Mohammed Elrufaie says:
Ano Nation says:

Facism is not about money buddy. It’s about population destruction and
genocide you better know that. You think this is about money.. money is
synonymous with resources right? If I was an alien I would know that I
care only about the resources, and that’s the bottom line. He who owns the
money owns the resources, true, but we are talking about a group of people
that want 10 million alive, they are talking about the global point where
money doesn’t matter to their power/control of the resources.

alienorgy4321 says:

I’d be pissed if that waz my boat.

DocPegLegRed says:

You are a Fucking Idiot

Daniel Ortiz says:

Pretty crazy stuff.

Ryan Villarin says:

“Black water” is a private military contractor organization which is not at
all part of any special forces group of the U.S military. And you can
totally see that they have black water written all over them.

Austin Salinas says:

Holy shit ur story makes sense.

rayrayray911 says:

can you provide the link to the victim’s statement?

subg88 says:

What part of ” Who gives a shit about these videos, all you have to do is
look at the material released by FBI and police.” is so hard to understand?

mat00422 says:

lol what a joke

Julia Evens says:

I’m asking everyone here that believes in ” inncocent until proven quility
” to go to, and sign the petition. As Americans we all have that
right, or will you let that be taken away too….? Johar is an American,
and covered by the constitution. It’s time to stand up!


What civil war ? There will be no Civil war, there will be a decleration of
martial law and the extermination of civilians, but not over Boston and
alleged it’s Fit-Up Job False Flag.

common101sense says:

But they did do it?


2 Billion Bullets, several hundred fleets of ‘Drones’ both land air and
sea, ‘Follow Zee Ordahz’ Training Paradign for starters, there’s enough
press coverage over societal consensus testing, where people have been
murdered mained and mutilated for initially trivial issues; run a stop
sign, pointed a mobile phone, uttered the sentence of ‘I know my
constitutional rights’ or people whose ex-next door neighbour just happened
to be a ‘suspect’ a suspect of what is never revealed.

LacyB71 says:

There u go again spreading all your complete LOGIC: give it up…WHY YOU
ASK..SIMPLE..JEREMIAH 5:23-25!!!!!! 😉

PlasmaBurns . says:

sorry not sure what “anonymous” does or says. i have never watched a single
video by him/them/CNN. no idea who it is and i dont care who they claim to
be. I have never seen one iota of truth or action come from them. As far as
im concerned anonymous is just another Govt disinfo entity. As far as the
murder of 7 billion, its already been done. You have already been murdered,
I have already been murdered. Geo-engineering and ecological destruction
has already sealed our fates, shortened our lives.


Also u like the world works like your neighbor, if u go and give them a hug
they will just drop their beliefs and hatred of americans and of democratic
countries cuz u want to be friendly with them, sorry to tell u the world
doesn’t work like that, liberals are running t

Ken Newlin says:

Hold on to your seat as we are all taking a ride when they cause the south
to blow, Killing more with with fires, blaming it on the moon as H.A.A.R.P.
is cranked up and this chemical warfare poisoning of our food and now
creating a dictatorship!

Christopher Beckmann says:

you are a nut …. you have no message, you have no facts …. but you are
kinda funny

TheWarrior0123 . says:

I just got a report that you’ve got shit for brains.

Colby Knecht says:

Blackwater does not exist by name anymore. Also, this is bullshit.

TJD005 says:

“Stupid people will believe anything the media regurgitates at them even
when its obvious when something doesn’t add up. Anyone with a brain can see
that the Boston Bombing, like all other terrorist attacks were a lie.”

Pavel Kane says:

Wait , so how do you explain them throwing IEDs at the cops huh? Try too
fucking explain that BITCH!

PlasmaBurns . says:

infact, you have just given me my next video. I will fully expose the
“backpacks” once again. YouTube deleted my first attempt. Thanks for
inspiring me to silence another misconception.

MrMondeller says:


orbstats says:

We are all experiencing the YOUTUBE experience. Keep talking! Peace

common101sense says:

Everything you say is dumb. “Anyone could have shot him and got away with
it.” “Chris Mathews tried to say they were liberals, right winged
terrorist.” “Guilty as charged.” You are in way over your head here and are
a perfect example that any dumbass can make a video.

Antonio B says:

Blackwater is now called kraft international.

IsraeliesNotWanted says:

He was getting a trach at the scene, plain to see. One report says he had a
gun, another says he didn’t. etc etc.


I don’t see Annonymous passing legislation in to Law which is used and
abused by Corporations to increase their proffit margins; take rights once
inalianable from people, or ‘legaly’ perpetuate a scorched earth policy of
continued theft. You Are The Terrorist. I’m merely the Historian for my
limited time frame I have on this planet, I follow a greater power than
what’s on earth. I have my mission and that’s kick back and watch the
greatest show in the universe, you stupid monkeys kill each other

John Real says:

anybody elses video fuck up the entire time?

pv priest says:

I love you crazy crack pot people if that was a backpack he had on wheres
the straps? inside his jacket? Lets see if the government remove this
message your a tard

xArcher24x says:

Great Video!!! Great Job!!!

PlasmaBurns . says:

heres something the isnt crap, its called hard evidence that should be used
in a court of law. Sadly, those dont exists anymore so all we have left is
the court of public opinion. If you can watch this 8 minute video then you
will KNOW the truth of what took place that day. Please take the time to
save your self and your family. /watch?v=uYJSmkRV1ZM

rayrayray911 says:

can you please provide the link to the picture of the two brothers taking
cover in the shootout?

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