Jerri Lynn Ward on Alex Jones Tv 2/3:Help Alex Stop (SB-1440)”The Take Away Your Child Act”

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Alex talks with Austin attorney and talk radio host Jerri Lynn Ward about SB-1440, dubbed the “Take Away Your Child Act.”


dynamo400 says:

God is above all governments,, I was warned this would happen about 5 years
ago,, the Church told me that the authorities want us to totally rely on
them,, and yes they hate the family unit,, here in the uk theyve been
working against it for years. FACT.

jaba987 says:

you mean like website hits? Whats the website?

ryankilleleagh says:

Amen Bro

Marco81MX says:

google it friend. Youll find lots of info on it.

Malovon says:

Where is this cps handbook he keeps talking about? Ive been to the
prisonplanet forums, but i cant find, if anyone can, PM me with the link!

RP4409 says:

CPS is lawless

GraandHustleMafia says:


Malovon says:

I have, and i get lots of hits, but no handbook.

crypter27 says:

Feeding off the carcusses of broken families,thats an accurate anology!

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